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Bees for Kids
and parents, students and teachers.

If you want to experience the buzz of live beehives then visit the Collingwood Children's Farm Apiary.

The apiary is run by beekeepers of the Melbourne section of the Victorian Apiarists' Association and is usually attended by beekeepers on the 2nd and 4th Sunday of each month.

More information on the VAA Melbourne Section website

"Biene Maja" (Maya the bee) has been the world's biggest cartoon series featuring bees and the insect world and has been shown on German TV in 104 20-minute episodes in the late 1970's. A great children educational program. Now a new animation film production of Maya the Bee has been released by Studio 100.
You can download free wallpapers, play games or send free Maya e-cards, etc.

HOBOS - The Honeybee research website for students, parents, teachers, scientists and beekeepers.
Since 2006 bee expert Professor Dr. Jürgen Tautz has been developing HOBOS (Honey Bee Online Studies) as a novel and interactive teaching concept. A preliminary stage of HOBOS came about in June 2009 and made it possible for school classes from nine countries to delve into a real honeybee colony via the Internet. These countries included Germany, USA, China, Luxembourg, Northern Ireland, Italy, South Africa, Switzerland and Jordan.

Beekeeping is the term used to describe human maintenance of a colony of honeybees. A beekeeper usually keeps his bees in hives contained in a “bee yard.” The beekeeper maintains the beehives so that he can collect beeswax, honey, pollen and propolis. A beekeeper may also maintain the hives so that the bees will pollinate his crops. Finally, beekeepers may use the hives to produce new generations of bees for sale to other beekeepers.

A YouTube video clip showing how bees dance to communicate to the others where they should fly to find nectar.

The importance of bees
A YouTube video clip for parents. The motivation behind the childrens' book "Bee and me"

Honey Bee - Teach Your Kids About The Amazing Bees
A YouTube slide show with information about bees.

The Bee Hive
An educational animation on YouTube about the life of bees and the structure of beehives.

How bees make Honey
An educational animation on YouTube explaining how bees make honey.

How it is made - Honey
An educational video clip on YouTube explaining how bees make honey.

How bees make honey with Steve the beekeeper
A YouTube video clip - Steve the beekeeper shows how bees make honey in their wooden hives.

Harvesting Honey
A YouTube video clip showing a hobby beekeeper, how to collect honey from the hive, decapping the honeycomb, extracting the honey from the comb and filling it into the jar - for the first time.

The Queen Bee
A YouTube video clip showing the queen bee laying eggs.
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